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About Us
CITRONIX Company is a specialized company for the production, innovation and maintenance of welding apparatus.
Our orientation is the production of professional welding units and accompanying welding equipment, with a special focus on the development of the new inverter technology.
chikica1We successfully perform repairs and maintenance on all types of welding units at our service shop. Apparatus that we manufacture have all been designed in-house and the customer can check its top quality prior to the act of purchase, and we also provide a short training for the users.
We find the finished goods credibility to be very important and it is guaranteed by the high education level of the employees and the high quality of used composite parts (that we distribute also). This is why we provide a TWO YEAR GUARANTEE for our every product!
We offer a wide range of apparatus for our customers and manufacture apparatus with the latest inverter technology that are even 5 to 10 times lighter and smaller than the conventional apparatus (operating frequency up to 100 kHz!) and we also manufacture traditional welding apparatus with iron core.
For foreign partners, we develop inverter welding apparatus in line with the customer's order (by set parameters, apparatus type, power, amperage, forward or bridge connection, ED% etc.)
Aside from the welding apparatus, we also manufacture plasma arc cutting apparatus.
These apparatus enable quick and economical cutting of all metal types in manual and automatic operation mode. For automatic cutting, we manufacture also 2,5D and 3D CNC coordinate tables.
Within our programme we also work on the automation of the welding process (cutting) with industrial robots. We sell robots by KUKA, the renowned German manufacturer, for various applications, for welding (cutting), packing, palletization, etc.